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Charles Webster Leadbeater 1854-1934 
A Biographical Study
by Gregory John Tillett
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In the research for this thesis I have been assisted by many people, both in Australia and overseas.  I must acknowledge the assistance of the following people.  Where a title is given, it relates to the position which the person held at the time.

Mrs H. Stocker, Librarian, Theosophical Society

The State Archivist of New South Wales
The Librarian and Staff of the Mitchell Library
Mr James Perkins, Head of The Manor

Miss Lilian Storey, Librarian, Theosophical Society
The Rt. Rev E J Burton, Regionary Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church
The Librarian and Staff of the British Library Reference Division
The Librarian and Staff of the India Office Library and Archives
The Librarian and Staff of Lambeth-Palace Library
Mr D H G Bourke, British Library Department of Manuscripts

--- ii ---

Mar Seraphim of the Orthodox Church of the British Isles
Miss Marjorie Debenham of the Order of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry for Men and Women
Dr and Mrs Peter Day
Mrs Elaine Baly
Mrs Brigit Kollerstrom

Mr John Coats, President of the Theosophical Society
Miss Joy Mills, Vice-President of the Theosophical Society
Dr Jean Raymond, Secretary of the Theosophical Society
Miss Helen George, Theosophical Society Archives
The Librarian and Staff, Adyar Library and Research Centre
The Rev John Clarke, Assistant Editor of "The Theosophist"
Captain Russell ("Dick") Balfour Clarke
Mrs Paula Mango
Rukmini Devi Arundale
Mrs Dora Kunz, President of the Theosophical Society in America

Miss Grace Knoche, Leader, Theosophical Society International
Mr Kirby van Mater, Secretary, Theosophical Society International
Mr John van Mater, Librarian, Theosophical Society International

--- iii ---

San Diego:
Mr and Mrs W Emmett Small, Point Loma Publications Inc

The following people have provided considerable assistance through correspondence:
Dr Arthur Nethercott
Mr Susunaga Weeraperuma
Mr Ted Davy

There are, in addition, several whose very special support and kindness requires acknowledgement.

Miss Mary Lutyens of London, author of the two volume biography of Krishnamurti, assisted and encouraged my research.  Miss Lutyens not only gave me access to her own unique collection of material and specialist knowledge, but patiently read and commented on the manuscript of my published biography of Leadbeater, The Elder Brother.

Mr John Cooper in Sydney gave me access to his extensive collection of material on the history of Theosophy in general, and of the Theosophical Society in Sydney in particular, and read through the manuscripts of both the book and the thesis, making valuable corrections and annotations.  He has also been an invaluable colleague in research, with whom I have been able to discuss the

--- iv ---

intricacies and complexities of Theosophical history.

Mr Rex Henry, both at Adyar and at Mijas, Spain, has give me very generous encouragement and assistance.  There are people alive who have a greater knowledge of the history the Theosophical Society during the time of Leadbeater's rise to dominance.  Mr Henry, both in lengthy discussions in an extensive correspondence over many years, has provided both information and an invaluable insight into the people and the events of Theosophical history.  Mr Henry has read and commented on the manuscript of this thesis, providing invaluable criticisms and suggestions.

Dr W J Jobling, my supervisor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney, has brought to my work both his critical insight into such research, and his special interest in church history.  His criticisms, suggestions and advice, no less than his friendly encouragement and support, have been of great assistance me.

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Charles Webster Leadbeater 1854-1934 
A Biographical Study
by Gregory John Tillett
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